Our team

In the summer of 2005, Werner Blatter and Patrick Frick created Blatter+Frick as an independent advisory firm, with the intent of guiding and assisting philanthropists in their engagements.

In 2010, together with Kipper Blakeley, we launched Social Investors Partners Ltd., a for-profit social enterprise that now leverages a global network of people who are as passionate about philanthropy as you are. We have decades of experience in humanitarian aid and international development cooperation, in addition to years of private sector experience in consulting and IT.

Let us use our experience to help you make the most of yours.

Our Strategic Partners

Social Investors works with a variety of partners around the globe, who bring their extensive experience and expertise to help our clients fulfill their philanthropic ambitions.

In the summer of 2011, Social Investors announced a strategic partnership with Berlin-based Wider Sense (formerly Beyond Philanthropy). Together, the two organizations aim to create a safe space where donors and investors can identify areas of interest, develop a mission for what they want to do, and implement a long-term strategy that leverages all the resources they have – be they finances, professional experience, contacts or time – in order to maximize the impact of their philanthropic engagements.

In early 2014, we began cooperating with Zurich-based Professor Dominique Jakob (Prof. Dr. iur., LL.M.), a well-known expert and sought-after advisor in the field of foundation and trust law. This helps us meet the diverse demands from both local and international philanthropists, which includes navigating the increasingly difficult legal landscape.

In 2016, we began working on a regular basis with the Housatonic Design Network, led by Alfredo Carlo. Over the years, Alfredo’s team of designers and graphic facilitators have helped numerous clients of ours make sense of the issues that they feel most passionate about.